Blocklite is a publication that presents B-Crypt transaction certificates issuance in real time. B-Crypt certificates are unique serial numbers assigned to certify a transaction took place in your database system at a given moment in time.

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Total Capacity
100,000 Transaction/Second
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Finally an encrypted transaction ledger that is not blockchain.

Blocklite is the next step after Blockchain. It is the first system of its kind to meet SEC regulation standards and opens the door to a whole new universe of possibilities. Instead of issuing “coins” or “currency” and giving “securities” value assigned to the unit like Blockchain, Blocklite is meant for app developpers who mainly look at encrypted technologies for security and want to certify their credit/debit transactions. Blocklite certificates are NOT currency and do NOT hold an inherent value, they are meer serial numbers that certify the avent of a transaction occured in a database system.


Key Features


Since Blocklite is hosted on a farm of in-house quality servers, all transactions are certified in 2 seconds or less. 

Private and Supervised

Although the system is private, Blocklite holds verification ledger copies on servers in the offices of Notaries and CPAs.

secure to the core

The Blocklite engine is not open source, no one has access to its API other then our partners and therefore, it is extremely safe.

Flat Fee

Raw Standard B-Crypt Certificate transfer fee is flat at USD $0.02 per trsaction, no matter what.

Create Your Certificates

Create your own certificates in a matter of seconds and control them through our waller or API for app developpers.


Blocklite is not blockchain. Blocklite does not calculate transactions, it only issues a certification to your database transactions in real time. 


Blocklite is the first encrypted solution that is 100% global trade ready with an initial capacity of more then 100k transactions per second.

public ledger

For customer convenience, Blocklite’s B-Crypt transaction ledger is entirely public and can be audited online at 

Certification Solutions for Big Business/Data


While offering the same cool concept of public certification of transactions expected from blockchain, Blocklite®´s publication allows app developpers to certify their transactions through encrypted serial numbers without creating coins or securities illegally. B-Crypt certificates confirm the avent of a database transaction and allows these to be transferred by one party to an other. All calculations are performed on your database app and are only certified on our publication.

Blocklite® B-Crypt Certification allows for real time transactions, certified in fractions of seconds, ideal for lawyers, notaries, chain of custody, gaming rewards and air miles.

  • Transactions Encrypted to Linx
  • Published on

Real technology

It is widely known that a new encrypted solution is needed, that can meet the challenges of big business and big data. The world needs a platform that can certify a large number of transactions per second, without actually processing the transactions. Your manage transaction on your database system and obtain an instant B-Crypt certificate for it. Blockchains are public and very slow, not to mention the issuance of coins on blokchain almost always represents issuance of securities since the value is in the code. B-Crypt do not hold any inherent value and should be considered as the paper a certificate is printed on.

  • New Technology - Not Blockchain
  • Flat Fee / Instant Certification

Our Partners

Some of the most prestigious companies to adopt Blocklite as their crypto ledger.

Bank Payment systems

Our solutions integrate perfectly to most applications through a simple handshake with our API with secure IPSEC VPN. Our engine certifies all of your system´s transactions in real time. No need to migrate, you control your system, you issue values you give the orders. 

  • Instant Certification
  • Individual Linx x Transaction
  • Published at
  • Banking App Ready

Beyond Blockchain

Blockchain is the latest technology to flirt with big business but the issue is, it pretends to process transaction, making any hash or token a securities offering. Blocklite allows the user to manage their own system and maintain value inside their database while certifying each transaction with a third party.

  • Instant Certifications
  • Private Publication
  • Guaranteed Speed 100k/Sec
  • Central Control

Trusted Managers

The difference with using Blocklite is that for once you finally know who you are dealing with, yourself. You are not using blockchain financial instruments but certifying your own. The value is not in the certificate, the certificate only confirms the ownership of the value. 

  • Renowned Managers
  • Customer Service
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Adaptable to Your Needs

Basics of Blocklite

An overview of the system
  • BLOCKLITE SPEED100,000 Transation/Second
  • STARTED ON1/3/2017

* Pre ICO 75% Sold Out

Why Blocklite

Create tradeable digital B-Crypt certificated instantly and that issue lightning fast.

Blocklite can only be used with Blocklite authorized wallets and folders which ensures your certificates can never “disapear”.


the process of our ico.

Idea development

April 2016

Alpha version launched

September 2016

Beta version launched

December 2016

Teleescrow SRL Joins Blocklite

November 2016

DGA Escrow Joins Blocklite

February 2017

Randall Jonsons Joins The Team

March 2018

Nicholas Longano choses Blocklite for his new gaming project.

November 2019
April 2016

Idea development

Tristan Desechenes comes up with the idea of Blocklite, a fast encrypted publication to certify transactions.

September 2016

Alpha version launched

The first version of Blocklite is launched, the system works but is not publicly published yet. The launch is a success.

December 2016

Beta version launched

Beta version is launched and is a success. The concept is proven to work efficiently in production settings.

November 2016

Architecture development stage

Teleescrow, Inc becomes Blocklite´s first partner and moves its escrow system's transaction certification to the blocklite publication, certifying an initial 29 millon dollars worth of transactions within a few days.

February 2017

DGA Escrow Joins Blocklite

DGA Escrow USA becomes Blocklite´s second partner and connects its system to the blocklite certification standard, certifying an initial 6 millon dollars worth of transactions.

March 2018

Randall Jonsons Joins The Team

Randall Johnson officially becomes the legal adviser to Blocklite management team. Randall Johnson is widely known in the industry for writing the crypto laws for 3 different countries and assisting in 18 successful ICOs. His seal of approval is a major step for Blocklite.

November 2019

Nicholas Longano choses Blocklite for his new gaming project.

Nicholas Longano, former vice president of gaming at Universal Studios and widely known for his participation in the world´s largest games, chooses blocklite for his new gaming rewards project which will be certified and backed up on Blocklite's publication. This promises to make Blocklite a household name by end of 2020.


Blocklite connects lawyers, apraisers, custodians and corporations in a single lightning-fast certification network. Download our brochure to find out more about everything Blocklite can do for you.

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