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B-Crypt Tokens

The new industry standard

B-Crypt stands for Blocklite® Encrypted Tokens. B-Crypt tokens can be issued at will instantly and their cost is extremely low. The tokens, most often used for currency creation, chain of custody on art work or contract certification are contract specific credits on the Blocklite public ledger located at

B-Crypt Tokens

Totally Crypto100%
Save Money On Transactions99%
Earn 50% of Fees50%

B-Crypt Tokens are easy to create and can be transferred at will using the X Wallet.

B-Crypt Tokens

B-Crypt Tokens are contract specific credits on the Blocklite Ledger. They are used for a variety of purposes from creating crypto currency to lawyer contract certification to wine chain of custody.

Lightning Fast & Reliable

Built on monster servers with gigabit connections, Blocklite® Hosted Nodes are fast and never slow down. They allow your coins to be always on and move faster than any other crypto.

Created for You!

The Blocklite® crypto ledger was created for people like you. Creators with ideas, who want complete control of speed and scalability. The system is revolutionary and combines the best with the best. 

Minted Instantly from the X Wallet

B-Crypt Tokens can be minted at will, instantly, from the X Wallet at a cost unrivalled by any other crypto. The X Wallet API also allows you to integrate B-Crypt to your app easily.

Minted From The X-Wallet

Bring your crypto idea to life through the X-Wallet by creating your B-Crypto tokens in seconds. Manage your tokens through the user friendly, comercial grade X-Wallet API using our engine as the backbone of your platform. 

  • As low as USD$ 0.001 Mint Fee
  • Earn 50% of your Coin Fees