Blocklite® Native Ecosystems

The Ecosystem at a Glance

Blocklite Comes With an Array of Native Ecosystems to Ensure it Thrives from Day One.

The Blocklite ecosystem is comprised of a Marketplace with hundreds of vendors offering everything you may ever need to buy or sell. It also includes a trading/business app that allows businesses to invoice their customers, put guarantees on transactions and receive payment for services, all in a single environment built on Blocklite. It includes its own Wallet application and Blockchain to power the previously mentioned features and finally, a Streaming app with free content to ensure mass public gets on and continues coming. 

The VeoShop Marketplace

A Customers Dream, Long Awaited in the Dominican Republic.

VeoShop is the first of its kind in the Dominican Republic. It is a giant Marketplace with every product you can want to buy online from clothing to electronics, all the way to women’s beauty products, auto parts, construction hardware and of course everything video game.

VeoShop is powered by Blocklite. In order to use this revolutionary platform of which there are non in the Dominican Republic, you MUST USE BLOCKLITE. Blocklite accounts can be topped up at over 30k locations in the Dominican Republic, the US and Spain. It can also be topped up with USDT or a credit card (Credit Card top ups requires KYC).

The VeoShop Marketplace

We Offer Vendors Solutions Unavailable Anywhere Else, Including Real Time Withdrawals.

Anyone with a Business Tax ID or Individual National ID can register a store on VeoShop at Once created, they can customize their store, load products and start selling. All payments are received in Blocklite Dominican Pesos (BDOP), Blocklite US Dollar (BUSD) or Blocklite Euros (BEUR), stable coins pegged to their pair’s real time value in the vendor’s Blocklite X-Wallet.

Blocklite is the FASTEST PAYMENT PROCESSOR ON THE PLANET. Vendors are able to withdraw their funds to Fiat in real time by chosing the withdraw option. ACH withdrawals (overnight) are free, a fee of $2 for national and $50 per internacional wire is charged for instant wires. ACH wire confirmations are issued on withdrawal, the delay is caused by the actual banking system.

Payport the Future of Trading Apps

Payport Already Protects Over US$80,000,000.00 per Year in Transactions, Powered by Blocklite.

Payport is already live and powered by Blocklite for close to 4 years. It is one of the greatest apps ever released for major trade, especially when brokers are involved. Payport is 3rd party to household brands such as Telecom Italia North America, Lenderwise and Internet Mobile Communcation as well as many more.

Payport allows customers to trade in Blocklite currencies, therefore eliminating complications from Banks at the momento of big trades. Its native instant escrow feature allows users to put funds in guarantee (without risk or a notary present), trade, submit invoices and collect all at the click of the mouse or a tap of the screen. Vendors can also withdraw their funds in real time.

The VeoStream App

Blocklite's Secret to Instant Mass Adoption

VeoStream is a Netflix type streaming app that offers completely free premium Dominican content with ads. The Dominican Republic at this moment, does not count with any major TV Shows other than our Founders’. No tv series, no soap operas, no major stage shows etc.

VeoStream is changing all that. Since our founder is the main content producer in the country, VeoStream will become its new content avenue, showing over 28 new original tv shows, guaranteeing massive adoption of the app. VeoStream and VeoShop are the same app, when you download VeoStream you now have VeoShop and a Blocklite account is automatically created for you.